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Raye D.D.

Raye is a first generation Filipino immigrant and genderless freestyle dancer who loves popping. Their popping mentors include OG Tea Buggz and members of the Shadow Puppets popping crew here in Chicago.
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Amber Hugee

Amber Hugee wrote her first song in 2010, for herself. In 2014 at Baldwin Wallace University, she was cast in a devised version of Romeo and Juliet called “What is Love?” and three of her original songs were incorporated in the final version of the production. Since then, she has performed and written music with The Beat Theatre Collective and Midsommar Flight. Her latest adventure is Amber’s Attick (3 generations of unique vintage and secondhand pieces): you can support her business by following on Instagram (@ambersattick)! 
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Tasiana has studied Spanish Dance with the Ensemble Espanol for 10+ years. She was a dancer and teacher before having her beautiful daughter. Tasiana graduated NEIU with a minor in dance and special focus in 4 styles of Spanish Dance: Classical, Folkloric, Flamenco and Contemporary Flamenco. 
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Claire is an up and coming stand up comedian. Her energy is silly and playful. Claire’s theater, improv, and swing dance background will keep you wanting more! Find her at the Holiday Club where she helps produce Big Break Comedy every Thursday at 8:00pm! 
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The Great Garza

Fernando 28 years old been doing magic since sophomore in high school I started this art by one of my mentor Bill Cook who visit my high school to perform for a show they were having. Iove doing this art to inspired other people and love their reaction
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Azoto is a band focused on bringing light, happiness and joy to all those who identify as LGBTQ+ and more. For this performance they’ll be performing a selection from their upcoming musical project “cruising heaven;” story of a bipoc polyamorous couples journey to navigate a changing landscape, battling with the realities of escaping to class and privilege or remaining home to build the world that dream together with their community.

Karacan Sayrun-Thomas

Chicago Native. Social Worker and Life Coach. Helping People to Manifest Beyond Their Limiting Beliefs in All Areas! Anything is possible is you believe! MUSIC IS MY LIFE! I love to sing. I come from a musical family a Blues musician as a father and a classically trained pianist as a grandmother. I love to dance and enjoy the company of those I love in my free time!
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