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Ramón Muñoz 

Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Lighting Designer 

Ramón Muñoz is a human being. Born in México with the dance gene and the sexiness was side by side with dance. He moved to Maryland, USA at age 13, where he learned the "American Life" and most of his dance technique. With his passion to perform and dance, when the opportunity presented itself to move to another state and emerge into dance he took it. Chicago met Ramón in 2017. Since there Ramón has been known thru the City as a Zumba Instructor, one of the first ever STRONG Nation Instructor, a dance teacher to kids, a Master of Sexy Chair Dance and a go getter. He is still working on his own body and technique taking classes at Chicago Movement Collective whenever he is not commuting to his next teaching class.

Ramón wants to thank everyone working in this show behind and on stage. Without you this will be a one man show. Thank you to the audience for coming and supporting the arts now more than ever. THANK YOU

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