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Lady Nana


Nana Sahagun is a university of Illinois Graduate with a BA in Fine Arts: Focus in Communication and Psychology. Nana has been teaching dance fitness for 5 years now and is certified in 3 styles of dance: Zumba, MixxedFit and PomSquad Fitness. Her creative background consists of a wide variety of artistry such as painting, sketching, DIY projects (and more). She runs a small Art & Crafs business called, "Dècor Galore by Nana" in which she sells her creative/artistic services. Her dance background ranges from early childhood pom squads and dance teams, to being captain of her college dance team for 3 years, musical theater dance and now dancing, performing and teaching all over the city of Chicago. She recently completed her first Summer dance fitness gig with Navy Pier- a program called Rush Hour Fitness sponsored by LifeWay. Due to her Theater & Dance background, Nana has fallen in love with mental &emotional healing. Her style of dance is all about how it makes you feel - It's an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, an overall calorie-burning Dance party! Her classes allow everyone to find joy in working out and advances you to a better, Heather, YOU! Nana is also a loving Cat mama to Dr. Grey & Ginger. 

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