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Voice-Over, Dancer

Jeneca Onikoyi

Daughter of Nigerian Painter and Diasporic band promoter, she grew up in a multicultural home full of love and color. At an early age, Jeneca was backstage with international performers and center stage with artists, developing an appetite for dance, music, and visual art with a quickness. 

Years later, these roots became the foundation in her expression in visual art and movement. Through dance she exercises her joy, hesitations, and fluidity. Primarily versed in hula, hip hop, contemporary and dancehall, movement has always been her primary liberating vehicle. 

At present, this multihyphenate is also activated as a model, photography energy, and arts manager. Currently her work is taking her across the country, and hopefully before the end of the year, internationally. But even in the simplest of artistic ventures, she hopes to make people feel courageous enough to be their whole selves.

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