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Ramón Muñoz

Ramón Muñoz has always found a way to keep his passion for dance alive and he’s happiest when he can share that passion with YOU. Born in México, Ramón moved to the United States as a thirteen year old. 
In 2012, he began his journey as a Group Exercise Instructor, developing a series of fitness programs and personalized coaching techniques.
Along the way, Ramón has been fortunate to meet wonderful souls and work with talented instructors.
Some of the classes he is licensed to teach include: ZUMBA Fitness, STRONG Nation, Zumba Toning, Zumba Step, Aqua Zumba, and STRONG Nation Personal Coaching.
Additionally, Ramón created his own popular Sexy Chair Night program through RMDF.
Ramón has taught regular and master classes in Washington, D.C., and various cities in Maryland, Virginia,
and Chicago and other cities of Illinois. He loves teaching anyone who wants to move, dance,
have fun and feel stronger, from children and teens, to adults and seniors. Start your fitness journey with RMDF.

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