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1. Prologue:
Singer Lilian Coral
Actors: Claire le Rouge
Staging: Ramón Muñoz

2. Announcement:
"Welcome Aboard"
Actor: Elle. Voice: Jeneca 
Ramón Muñoz

3. "El Faisán" - Artist: Johny Pacheco
Music cut by: MarceloChoreographers & Dancers: Lilian Coral & Marcelo

4. “Un Paso Adelante”
Performer: Tasiana Villalobos
Music By: Jose Galvan
Choreographer: Tasiana Villalobos


5. ​
Original Work:Artist: BlackpinkChoreographer: Kyle HanagamiTaught by: Lilian Coral (Contagious Rhythm Academy)Dancers: Lady Nana,Claire le Rouge, Ramon Munoz & Lilian Coral

*15min Intermission*

Act 1


Untitled (Flyer (5_edited_edited.png

1. "Aeromozas"
Dancers:Lilian Coral, Elle & Ramón Muñoz
Music: Lizzo
Choreographer: Ramón Muñoz

2.  "Twerk Combate"
Dancers: Elle, 
Ramón Muñoz & Jeneca
Song: Combatchy by Anitta
Choreographer: Olivia Sylk

3. "Passing Time"
Claire le Rouge, Azucena Sans Souci, Lilian, Jeneca & 
Ramón Muñoz
Music: Donnie Elbert

Staging: Ramón Muñoz


4. "Bachatango Azul"
Dancers: Lady Nana, Lilian Coral, Azucena Sans Souci, Marcelo & Ramón Muñoz
Music: Mauro Corbelli
Music cut by: Marcelo Elias
Choreographers: Lilian Coral and Marcelo (Contagious Rhythm Academy)

5. "Fly with the Flow"
Performers: Full Cast
Music: Portugal, The Man
Choreographer: Ramón Muñoz


Act 2

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